Tom Quayle - Artemis II

Ryan Bruce (aka fluff) - Colossus + Gemini

Jason Frankhouser - Gemini Metal Demo

Joseph Merino - Gemini Metal Demo

Seth Rosenbloom - Clean and Crunch Demo

Keith Merrow

Keith is a killer metal player, composer, and recording engineer. Check out these clips he recorded with the original Colossus prototype.

Ola Englund

Ola recorded a demo in our hotel room at NAMM 2012, check it out:

Joe Gamble

Drew Lankford

Drew (better known as 'FastRedPonyCar' on the forums) put together these demos of the Colossus for us. He does a nice job explaining all the channel features and controls too!

Andy Wood Teasers - Pro Demos Coming Soon!

Andy's solo live in 2011 after he added his own Rhodes Colossus to his 'A' rig.

During NAMM 2011 Andy stopped by our hotel to do a little picking on the Colossus H-100. We were impressed by his playing and he was impressed by the amp. We ran through a number of sounds and tones, check out some footage below.

James Murphy

The legendary guitarist from Death, Obituary, Testament, and Disincarnate did a quick video while he checked out our demo Colossus amp. Check it out!

Jason Frankhouser

Jason wrote some killer riffs and put the Colossus through its paces in the clip below. Thanks Jason!

And here are a couple videos of Jason checking out the prototype Colossus at NAMM 2011.


Roger (better known as 'rogthefrog' on HRI) does a great job getting a violin singing like tone out of Lead 2 on the Colossus.

Allan Marcus - S7G

Allan is a killer 8 string player and here he is checking out some amps at relatively low volume...

Presomnia - new album

Presomnia used Rhodes amps to record their new album. Unfortunately, we didn't have any loaners available when they shot the video below. Don't believe your eyes, you're hearing pure Rhodes rock tone!

2010 LA Amp Fest

We participated (and made our debut with the Colossus) at the 2010 LA Amp Fest hosted by James Lugo. Check out the video below. We also have the raw tracks from this event and will be posting more content soon.

Troy Seele

Rhodes Amplification 6L6 powered prototype played by Troy Seele


Here's a demo video Mike recorded demonstrating some of the different tones available.

The Assassin

Buddy Jackson's custom Assassin amplifier, played by Buddy himself

The Dishaster 4790

Chris June's custom 6L6 powered amp -- our very first customer!

The Deeviant 4790

Cody Hughes' custom EL34 powered amp demoed by Brian Boszor

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